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Judy Collins

Judy Collins, Pale Morning Departure, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20 cm.

Painting : Judy Collins is a painter by instinct and fills her canvases with energy and atmosphere which enthrals and draws in the viewer. Living in Newlyn, she is heavily influenced by the environs of the harbour and sea and is particularly engaged by the changing colours and moods created by the weather extremes at the ocean’s edge. Judy is an active member of both St. Ives Society of Artists and Penwith Society of Arts and has exhibited there for many years.

Ceramics: She began to work with clay many years ago while working at Harrogate College in Yorkshire. She began to make pots again after moving to Cornwall in 2008, starting at an afternoon class in Penzance, where her interest in paper/porcelain was rediscovered. She now makes slab vessels using this process, decorating the matt white surface using wood blocks and oxides. She also makes small thumb pots and bottles, usually glazed in bright turquoise and incorporating the ’naked raku’ process, firing these outside in a home-built raku kiln.

Printmaking: Judy also makes small collagraphs, usually based on ceramic pots with inked flowers or grasses. She also enjoys safe saline-etching. Her etchings are semi-abstract landscape and are always printed in black, incorporating blind-embossing as an integral part of the image.

Artist Works

Raku pinchpots.

Pinch pots with weaving.

Judy Collins, Bowl with Pine Needles, Collagraph, 20 x 30 cm.

Tues ‒ Sat: 10:30am ‒ 4:30pm

1 The Strand, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5HJ
01736 362964