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Maxine Symons

Maxine Symons: Natural-coloured freshwater pearl necklace , stud earrings & ring

Born in Bissoe, Cornwall, Maxine studied at the Royal College of Music. After a career as an opera singer she returned to Cornwall and now lives near Crowen. Maxine designs and makes her jewellery using freshwater pearls and sterling silver. Her interest in Roman jewellery has influenced her designs.

With the advancement in culturing techniques, her interest in pearls grew and her beautiful one-off pieces allow each pearl to inspire the design.
Riverbank Gallery also has a small, exquisite range of button jewellery. Made with the same care and design as her pearls, these pieces are made from vintage buttons from her own button box.

Artist Works

Maxine Symons: Natural-coloured freshwater pearl necklace with large Baroque pendant, loop earring & bracelet.

Sterling Silver adjustable ring with large Baroque pearl. £125.00

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